We are a group of “educators dedicated to imparting job-oriented knowledge” and skills to graduates, teachers, and young children from rural and small towns of India. With our vast range of courses and services, we work towards equipping the job seekers with the necessary digital expertise and professional quotient. Additionally, we provide courses for enhancing the thinking capabilities of growing kids, which eventually sets a foundation for their bright future ahead.

“Students need career guidance”

Our Vision 

We aim to identify the skill gaps and devise ways to address them. Through our innovative courses and professional services, we strive to make a valuable contribution to the employment scenario of 21st century India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the employment of 100,000 students and help 100,000 teachers and trainers in becoming the digital leaders of India. We commit to serving as a ‘bridge’ between the dreams and success of these students and teachers by fostering private sector initiatives in skill development programs.

“Cognitive Learning Program to enhance cognitive skills of children”

Our Courses, Services and Products

Corporate Readiness Programs for Job Seekers/Freshers/Graduates

Our offerings are designed with a particular emphasis on the emerging needs of graduates, job-seekers, and newly recruited corporate employees. You will learn about the skills that will help you to boost your employability.

Each module of this course has been designed to address areas you need to prepare to kickstart a successful career- from understanding the career options available, building a strong profile, excelling at interviews, to cultivating the professionalism that employers are constantly seeking while selecting a candidate to join their company.

Our comprehensive employability support system covers the following services:

  • Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Alerts

Digital Speed Shift Program

For the current and prospective teachers and trainers, we extend a digital speed shift program. As more and more educational institutes are opting for a system of online classes and assessments, the preference for digitally literate teachers is on the rise. Through our program, the teachers acquire the requisite knowledge and proficiency of e-learning tools and techniques.

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Profitable Business. Opportunity to turn all that knowledge and expertise into an actual business. The internet provides a lot of opportunities for people all over the world to gain more knowledge. Start selling your expertise, not your time. 

Go from Offline to Online through our Digital Speed Shift Program!

21st Century – Future Ready Kids Courses

Further, we have particular courses for the children of age 6-18. These courses are formulated for all-round development of the children. We utilize creative tools to inculcate ethical values, social skills, effective communication abilities, emotional intelligence, creative prowess, problem-solving and decision-making efficiencies in kids. This kind of learning makes way for great accomplishments in the child’s personal and professional life.

  • Digital Mind
  • Handwriting
  • The Confident Kid
  • Easy Maths