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According to Forbes, 94% of recruiters believe that top notch soft skills outweigh experience when it comes to promotion to leadership positions. They are fundamental to getting the job you want now and essential for career growth. As automation expands, soft skills will become an even more significant differentiator to employers.

According to Mindtools, soft skills complement hard skills, helping the organization utilize its technical expertise to its utmost potential. For example, if you are really good at getting clients but not good at retaining them, chances are that you have a soft skill gap.

According to a study in Deloitte Access Economics, it is predicted that two-thirds of all jobs in Australia will lean toward soft skills by 2030. That’s only a decade away. As automation and artificial intelligence make bigger inroads into our workplaces, a greater proportion of the remaining jobs available for humans will rely heavily on soft skills. Even though hard skills are still needed to accomplish tasks, soft skills will be the key differentiator in the work place.

Susan Vitale of iCIMS said, “hard skills might get your resume looked at” but soft skills “help you stand out and get you hired”. You must still possess the requisite technical skills to get the job you want, but without soft skills, you can’t compete.

Steve Jobs himself emphasized that technology alone is not enough. During the hiring process, he favored passion over experience as he believed that a passionate employee can manage themselves, understand the mission of his company and work towards the set goal.

In the current scenario, soft skills hold the same importance as technical skills. It is not enough to be just good at what you do; it is also important to be able to communicate effectively what you know to your clients or employers. It is essential to be able to work with people across the globe and a team consisting of a diverse group of people.

Therefore, college students these days need to be well prepared for the real world with soft skills and technical skills. The world has become extremely competitive and to get an edge over your peers, here are some of the essential soft skills you must develop before you head to the corporate world.



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In this Professional Certificate program, you will learn the essential soft skills employers value most, from communication fundamentals and teamwork to advancing critical thinking. A strong foundation of communication skills, planning, leadership, teamwork, attention to detail, and critical thinking are critical to success in the workplace. Together, these skills will help you build relationships and improve productivity with internal and external clients. In this this program, you will focus on

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